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so good to finally find an ecig for women and i love how it's made by the same company (V2 cigs). I've used V2 in the past and I'm satisfied with my vaping with it but it's better with Vapor Couture.

Received my Vapor Couture package yesterday and enjoying every bit of it. just the right flavor for women

I'm a loyal V2 Cigs user but my friends who also vapes told me about Vapor Couture. I ordered it today and hopefully it arrives in a few days, used the coupons too, thanks for that. I like how it's from the same V2 manufacturer so I'm pretty sure it'll be good.

I like the deluxe kit I got from Vapor Couture, it's really chic and definitely for the ladies. it even has this sling with a very cute charm in it, really cool.. never thought an ecig could get this cool.

I have been using Vapor Couture for quite some time and I couldn't be more happier with my vaping experience with it but it's my first time to use coupons on my online orders. This was very helpful, thank you for the coupons and the instructions on how to use it.

I just got my VC Deluxe Kit few days ago and I am so happy with it. The carry case is so pretty and it fits practically everything I need for my vaping. No regrets at all that I bought the kit. Used the coupons too, thanks!

I've switched to Vapor Couture few months back when my girl friend told me about this brand. True to its brand, it really does satisfy a woman's vaping needs. From its design to its right vapor thickness, Vapor Couture is really the one for the ladies.

Excellent product

Planning to get the starter kit, found a lot of good reviews about vapor couture. i was just wondering if i can use both coupon codes if i get the starter kit which has a coupon for 15% off, while there's a coupon as well for 10% off for everything.

This one is for the ladies! Vapor Couture is classy, elegant, and sexy! A breather from all those manly ecig designs! lol

I always buy Vapor Couture cartridges in bulk because a single purchase doesn't last a day for me.. can't help it though, Vapor Couture is really "delicious" and "addicting" at the same time!

Whenever I purchase stuff online, I always make sure to find coupons for discounts. Good thing I came across this site, found a coupon for my Vapor Couture ecig purchase. I bought a VC deluxe kit and it was perfect satisfaction for a vaper like me... the 15% kit discount was a big help! thanks!

I was looking for a similar brand of ecig that is perfect for the ladies and I couldn't find any. I tried Vapor Couture because they say it's the ecig brand made especially for women. And they were right, it is an incredible experience to vape Vapor Couture. Smooth and not that heavy on the throat, true to its quality.

I've always been a fan of Vapor Couture because it really suits my taste. I think Vapor Couture is the brand for all the lady vapers out there. So hard to find a coupon for this brand, good thing I came across this site. Thanks!

Vapor Couture ecigs are really for the ladies and not to pricey with the coupons. love the classy design, batteries only come in one size but still can last for a few hours, mine lasts for about 4 hours, love that batteries come in different colors too!

really, really like the classy purple and gold packaging of vapor couture.. very elegant, perfect for the ladies! Oh and thanks for the savings :)

i've already tried the basic starter kit from Vapor Couture and i really liked it, especially the feminine and elegant packaging, very suitable for me. Now I'm getting the deluxe kit, which the 15% off will be of great use. thanks..

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