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Ive been planning to switch to V2 Cigs for a while now, then I saw this V2 Pro which really caught my attention. Seems like a pretty good ecig, new features and all that. I definitely am going to try it.

Im impatient so I cant wait till they release it, buying a v2 kit tomorrow!


Did they release the V2 Cigs Pro Series yet? I'm excited as hell to get my hands on this new vaporizer. The design looks good and the new features are sick. Cant wait!


the classic cartridges and batteries from V2 Cigs are my favorite but was able to try their top of the line products and it's also fantastic! V2 has really come a long way since its first launch.. loyal user of V2 cigs since 2009!


I'm already happy with my v2 cigs platinum but this new release of ecig series from v2 looks cool.. can't wait to try it when they release it!


i think the magnetic features of V2 Pro series is promising, dying to get my hands on this when they release it!


i hope the v2 cigs pro series is as good as what they promote.. getting my hopes up but i'll find out as soon as they release it, so excited!


V2 Pro's magnetic charger looks promising! can't wait for this to come out, i'll definitely get my hands on this!


can't wait to try V2 Pro Series, seems like the new features are very interesting.. the new sleek designs are just bonus!


V2 Cigs is what I first used when I started using ecigs and until now it never fails me. I hope the new V2 Pro Series will exceed expectations!


Switched to V2 Cigs a few weeks ago and now I am loving everything about it. Really glad I switched and I can't wait to try their new release, I heard it's going to be good!


I'm excited to try the new V2 Pro. I loved v2 cigs the first time I tried smoking ecigarettes and have been a loyal customer ever since.

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