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Been looking for ways to make use of the coupons for V2 Cigs, good thing I found your site. I'm a loyal v2 cigs user, definitely going to save more money with the coupons. thanks!


The good thing about V2 Cigs aside from their great quality is that you can always find discount coupons to save money off your purchase. I especially use Vapor Couture and I have never been disappointed.


I order my V2 cigs in bulk for a monthly stash because I think I save more money than buying individually, plus the coupons are great discount too. One thing that's good about V2 as well is that their coupons last all year long, doesn't expire at all.


No questions about the thickness of vapor and richness of flavor, with so many choices. V2 cigs always has a coupon to offer somewhere which really saves me a money, allowing me to buy even more! imagine 50% off from their clearance sale, that's a big deal if you think about it


I personally use V2 cigs products and come to your site everytime for killer deals. V2 is not some rip off product that compromises safety and quality. For that, Im a lifetime customer.


I'll admit, I tried V2 Cigs because it's the most affordable I could find with just a starter kit priced at around $30, even cartridges are very affordable at $1.49. But the thing is, even if it's low priced, it doesn't compromise quality. My vaping experience with V2 Cigs is always fantastic.


I'm planning to switch to V2 since I read and heard lots of good reviews about it. I think I'll give it a try, going to use the coupons for my first purchase!


I know this is odd but I only like using the single disposable type of V2 Cigs since im not a heavy vaper. But never the less, always satisfying. Coupons save me a bunch everytime.


these coupons are so easy to use! used it on my V2 Cigs kit purchase earlier, thank u!


What I like about V2 Cigs is that I am able to change the nicotine strength level with each flavor, I can always switch nicotine levels depending on the flavor I want, choose a lower level of nicotine if I don't like the flavor too much, strengthen it when I like the flavor, lol!


been using these codes for over a month now, works every time.. probably saved almost a hundred bucks just by using these codes for my online purchases! thank you!!!


hows it going alicia? To answer your question. These coupons don't expire. I've been using the same ones for 6 months now. Works everytime.



Do these coupons expire? I still have a couple of v2 cartridges left but been looking for coupon codes I can use for my next purchase, just wondering if these coupon codes expire. thanks...


I've been wanting to try electronic cigarettes for a long time and been finding for a good brand. Glad I came to this and found a great coupon to use as a start. Thanks!


30% off the ultimate kit will only work with the classic version. Otherwise, it will only take 15% off the ultimate ex pack kit.


Great 15% Off coupon code for starter kits. Thanks


@Sheri Hey Sheri, to get the best discount you should consider what your buying. If your buying a kit, use the coupons for kit discounts. They usually give a larger percentage off. If your not buying a kit, use a code that gives a discount off all items. This way you can maximize your savings! Try it


I make an order every couple of weeks and you guys always save me money. Thanks a bunch!


How can I get the best discount? What coupon should I used?


Thank you for the generous coupon, just saved $12 off my $120 order. Couldn't have gotten a better deal.

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